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artist, noun

webster, a person skilled in one of the fine arts, wikipedia, a practioner in the visual arts, oxford english, one who cultivates one of the fine arts, anonymous, one who looks, i like this definition best of all, it is expansive and at the same time more precise than any i have come across, and this definition comes to life in the bread i buy everyday at farinomanfou, more words from the back of the wrapper, farinoman’s words, “JE PASSE MA VIE, toutes mes nuits, a me soucier du charactere de farines qui ont conserve dans leurs fibres l’ame de leur terroir. je leur dois quantite de mes cheveux blancs. toujours a apprivoiser, elles m’echantent, me frustrent, m’enragent, me tient tete, me decoivent.” , the words of an artist


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