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the 5 euro sweater

fashion designer galliano was suspended from the house of dior for comments to patrons in a paris cafe , words that do not represent the fashion house

so now i am wearing my five euro sweater that i bought in marseille, i love the sweater, it keeps me warm when i am painting, partial zip, high collar, and protects my clothes from painting accidents due to wind or clumbsiness, but what we wear is as much a comment about ourselves as any words, the sweater is confusing here in aix, it’s a man’s sweater, the vendor in place belsunce did not want to sell it to me, said he didn’t have my size p, i said i’ll take the s, i have bought this same sweater before, worn it to paint in marseille without the confused or disapproving glances, but people know me there, and i am an unknown here, where my sweater defines me

fashion is a funny thing, not words but definitely an expression of ourselves, sometimes an intentional expression , maybe sometimes convenience, laziness or need, but do i stop at the market after painting to buy food or change out of my sweater, miss the market with it’s 1pm breakdown and end up in the monoprix


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